[MIAA-341] I Hate That Middle-Aged Teacher, But When He Kisses Me With His Super Thick And Drooling Tongue, I Just Get So Excited… I Could No Longer Resist, As His Sweat, His Saliva, And His Drool Slid Down My Throat, As We Exchanged Bodily Fluids, Over And Over Again Mitsuha Higuchi (1080p)

DVD ID: MIAA-341 / Size: 5.2 GB / Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 02:00:05 / Resolution: 1920×1080 / Bitrate: 6000 kbps
Genres: Embarrassment, S********l, Featured Actress, Kiss Kiss, Sweating, Digital Mosaic, Hi-Def
Actresses: Mitsuha Higuchi